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About the FMEA Info Centre


Our Mission:

  • To promote the use of FMEA as a most powerful engineering tool, with capabilities that go far beyond pure quality improvements
  • To support new developments and improvements to the FMEA methodology, FMEA tools and software by
  • Offering a central FMEA information platform where information, ideas and opinions about FMEA can be shared

How the idea came to life:

Around 1985 ago I discovered FMEA, while working at a major Consumer Electronics Company. At that time I considered, as many of my colleague designers, FMEA to be a bureaucratic method: "Get the sheet completed and let's get to usual business asap". Apparently we preferred to waste our time doing things twice or even more, in stead of trying to it right from the first time. "Doing things right from the first time", was considered as Pep-talk from our managers who had spend to much time in Japan. Also when it really came to urgencies, the management pushed us to forget about Quality and get the products ready to be shipped. Time seemed to be more important than quality.

Several years later I moved to an industrial research centre that had many small companies as clients. I started reading again about design methods and got interested in tools and methods like Value Analysis, Design for Assembly and Manufacturing, Quality Function Deployment and finally rediscovered my old courses about FMEA. During my consultancy activities for our clients I found out that most of them had heard about FMEA (and most of the other methods), but that they were not using them. When we organized a seminar or a short course, then all places in our seminar room were occupied. And yet when we contacted the companies some weeks after they followed our seminar and left with the most ambitious plans to start with FMEA, we heard nothing but excuses, none finally started using FMEA. This was strange because we knew these companies had quality problems, they had service problems, their products were to expensive and their product development was improvisation all over.

What was wrong? We didn't know. A complaint often heard was the lack of time, so we decided to develop a software for our clients to support them to perform FMEA in a more rapid way. We spend thousands of dollars for, you guess it, a useless software. The problem was something else, what it is I still don't know. I guess it's the lack of spirit.

Why are you doing this ?

We can not accept that methods like FMEA, DFA, QFD, ... with a proven track record of success are not more used by companies that definitely could benefit from it. Making money was not and still is not our main reason for doing this job: all the information on this site is free.  Our main reason is probably a kind of intellectual hunger and maybe in the end we like to get famous, who knows.

Why did you choose FMEA ?

FMEA has all ingredients to be successful: it's easy (at least it doesn't involve much high tech knowledge), it doesn't require investments, you get results almost immediately and it can be applied to all kind of activities and in all sectors, even in your day to day life.

What are your further plans ?

We have started at the end of 1999 with a small web-site (we are not really computer freaks, so forgive us the simplicity of the site). One year later, we managed to elaborate it into a dedicated FMEA Information Centre.

Our intention was to run this site for six months, maybe a year, in the meantime we hoped to obtain enough critical mass to transfer our, by then, mature child to a non-commercial organization or research institute that could put more time in this effort than we could. Things do not always run as you like. Years after the start we still maintain the site. We've learned a lot about the internet and tools to maintain a website. We do not regret we did this effort, but we keep on looking for a some one to take over the site. A site that now has its own domain name, thousands of visitors, several thousand of members in our community. In case your organization is candidate to do this job, please do contact us right now.

After running the site for more than 5 years, it became a little bit crowed, disorganized, ... a mess. So we finally decided early 2006 to redesign it: improving the parts of the site that where visited most, dropping out those obscure parts that where never visited.

We're now ready for another 5 or more years. May the FMEA spirit be with you!

The FMEA-team

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FMEA Info Centre

All you want to know about Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
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